'ello 00,


Hope you have been well! =^.^=


Please find below a few new photos =^.^=


More 'artistic' (topless) shots are exclusively available to those who write a testimonial for me 😉 😉  While free-form writing is most welcome, in case a bit of direction on what to write may be desired, I wrote a brief guide.


Testimonials are enormously helpful to me in many ways, completely anonymous, and can be sent at any time either via WhatsApp or by entering into the box below-I'll know it's you.


Miss you!  Hope you are well with a smile on your handsome face, wherever you are in the world =^.^= XOXO

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My dear 007,

Thank you so much for being a wonderful part of my life and thank you for the beautiful perfume-you have excellent taste 🙂


  • Allianz travel insurance is what my dive instructor recommended, he said other companies seem more inclined to argue claims.

Yep, that edible was STRONG! Omg, it hit me so hard that I would not have been able to have a conversation if someone called.

  • I've not heard anyone talking about it, but the first NYC dispensary for recreational use opened up at the end of February.


  •  Selling that to a newbie was completely irresponsible. I cannot believe I am going to say this, but: there should be some kind of regulation to make sure the people working retail in that industry are better trained.
    • While I believe my industry should simply be decriminalized as we can regulate ourselves, I have known potheads since I was a teen and I absolutely do trust them to make considerate/intelligent decisions.
    • I am sorry you had that experience.  That should not have happened.


I am heading down for a photo shoot in Florida on June 20+21st so will 007 you if I get some fun behind-the-scenes photos 😉


Sending so much love your way! I treasure our connection and adore you =^.^= XOXO





New photos are a bit scarce right now, but here are two:


These are images of my contemporaries that have caught my attention, I may try to work some of this imagery into my photoshoot in June.

Hello my 007,


It was wonderful seeing you!

I treasure our connection and how it feels to be close to you.


I love how we can be so honest with each other and I adore the feeling of safe intimacy - knowing we can share this joy while also knowing it will stay our little secret behind-closed-doors 😉


Going forward, when using electrics I will make a point to define a difference between 'up' for power level and 'harder' so that the uncomfortable sensation you experienced will not be felt again.


Hopefully, I will soon be back to having fabulous tales to tell of adventures and travel - President Biden has announced a plan to make the COVID antivirals available in drugstores  'starting in March'.


I am looking forward to spending more time with my contemporaries-hopefully finding a great doubles partner, and I am feeling really drawn to another ayahuasca ceremony.


Including a gallery of my few recent photos for now; there are also some newly published ones on my Travel Adventures page.  Wishing you safe travels until we meet again  🙂 XOXO

Dear 007,


The NYC special mission may be on after all.

V's assignment in Marrakech has been postponed until Spring.


LV is now able to rendezvous the 20th-26th

M. Fae has not been contacted yet but that can handled be in short order if you can make a rendezvous point.


Do you choose to accept this mission?  To meet LV in NYC?

  • LV's calendar is completely open that week at this time.


Mission Part II - Is there a solid date and time when M. Fae could join?

  • Inquiries may be made for dates and multiple times.  Once we decide upon one there is a commitment.


How sweet it is to have exciting missions up for grabs!  I hope you are able to take advantage of these opportunities.


From  2pm BST onwards I should be available.  Looking forward to hearing great news!


-  LV in 3rdP


Dear 007,


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to travel to NYC to meet with LV and M. Fae.


M. Fae has knowledge of new realms of information you may find facinating and useful.  She may be a valuable asset on our mission to banish boredom and monotony from our lives.

This episode will have a casual, kinky theme to it as we explore how we may wish to collaborate.  She is comfortable attending a party but does not partake as it has the opposite effect on her system, slowing her down.

It is 900 for 2hrs to her.  On this one occasion, because I am super excited after speaking with her on the phone so really want this to happen, and, I am having an exceptionaly good month; my number for this double will be 1500, so 2400 in total.


If for any reason you wish to decline this mission on this occasion, do let me know.  We can always do this another time.






Hello again,

The spa today was a beautiful experience and I am very much looking forward to getting to know  Eva Vale!

https://helloevavale.com/#  -  https://twitter.com/helloevavale?lang=en

We did not get a chance to speak 1-on-1 about where our Domina energy transitions to something sexier, but she is very into women and I think we like each other =^.^=  I'm thinking it could be really fun to explore our energy together with you, and, I would love to get a photo of her and I all dolled up together.



If we could meet with you this week I would be game to book her for two hours as a Domina out of my green rate, so two hours with both of us as kinky Dominas for $2k

My week is clear right now and she is available except for Wednesday,


I completely understand this may not be possible, just throwing it out there because the stars and our schedules align and it feels like it could be an extraordinary experience for all of us =^.^=


If it doesn't work to meet then let the fantasizing for next time begin!




My dear 007,

Thank you, again, for bringing your wonderful energy into my life =^.^=


You are such a pleasure to talk to!  I thoroughly appreciate your open mind, curiosity, and kindness.


Normally I wouldn't bring up unpleasantness, but I would like to illustrate something for you so you know how sincere that comment is and just how good you are looking compared to other guys:

  • "What about toxic femininity?"
  • "What about women objectifying men?"

These are actual questions from guys who would like me to like them in response to things that had nothing to do with them personally.  I have recently learned that 'Whataboutism' is linked to the 'Tu Quoque' logical fallacy and have recognized that it feels frustrating to encounter fallacies in casual conversation.


I have always felt a lightness and joy coming to see you and I am beginning to appreciate why - I feel safe with you in all ways =^.^=



Thank you, again, for the beautiful perfume!  I am obsessed with it and have been spritzing twice a day =^.^=



Going forward I am going to make a point to be completely neutral as to certain activities.  It took me a long while to balance out and I should have honored the hesitation you were feeling instead of nudging things.  We have always had an amazing time and it really isn't needed.  I will embrace my Swiss heritage and be fully neutral going forward =^.^=



Please enjoy some photos I have taken since the last 007 - plus some very old selfies I threw in because, well, you'll see 😉

I will take down the revealing shots in a few days as theoretically this could be found by anyone.


The DomCon page is here.

If you get another 007 in the next few days it will mean I have news about Fae and a potential double =^.^=

For now, know you are adored and have a wonderful day =^.^= XOXO


Karlie and I met at Fetish Factory last year.

I found her to be a genuinely nice person and lovely to be around,

so when My original plans with Anna from DommeTrips fell through,

I felt it was a great opportunity to get to know Karlie.

Happily, we make excellent travel companions!

Witty and fun, competent and helpful (priceless!),

plus kinky in delightful ways...

Thanks to the generosity of Our sponsors We enjoyed:

Mermaid Swimming lessons

A Bubbles and Chocolate Sunset Horseback ride

Scuba diving Molokini crater

The Old Lahaina Luau

It was too chilly for surfing lessons.

[rl_gallery id="5180"]


Warmed by the setting sun, I had a wonderful experience sunbathing nude on Little Beach.




After getting to know each other in paradise,

Karlie and I agreed that doubles would be wonderful fun!

She has a powerful interest in cuckolding and loves strap-on play... 😉



Happy New Year!!! =^.^=


May 2020 bring us clarity as to what we desire most, hilarity along our way, and true prosperity as we enrich our lives with experiences that bring us joy.
The wise know happiness is more important than money.  What fulfilling adventures will you embark upon in the 20’s?
As we make our grand plans let us not forget, play is necessary for balance-have you added those goals yet? 😈
Here’s to the amazing ideas and people coming into our lives in 2020 🥂🍾

Am loving the hat you gave me!  I haven't worn one in years because - OMG my hair! - but apparently it's a good way to stay warm, heh! 🙂
For last two weeks of March I will be unavailable, otherwise, I am clear and at this time expecting to be in New York.
So excited to make amazing new memories with you in 2020! =^.^= XOXO


Again, do let me know if there is an email address I can use to create you a Members Area profile.


I have included a few photos below, but this page isn't secure-I can't add the really good (unedited ;-)) stuff =^.^=


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