Spa Day - Monday, Nov. 8th

Spa Day


November 8th

For my birthday,

I would love to gather together with friends

at a spa for a day of smiles, laughter,

and community 🙂

Stock photos will be removed upon request.

You are invited if:


  • I have met you in person.


  • You are a femme or non-binary adult entertainment professional.


  • You understand 'whorearchy' is not welcome.
    • Guests/dear friends will include Dominas, FSSWs, strippers, and porn stars.
    • Slut-shaming or otherwise perpetuating patriarchal purity culture is ridiculous and rude; I do not want my friends to have to deal with any of that nonsense.
Young woman relaxing in the hot tub

Fem/NB Guests

  • Femme and non-binary adult entertainment professionals whom I have not met may be invited as guests.
  • Femme and NB partners may be invited.
  • Whorephobia is not welcome so please vet square friends very carefully.



  • If you bring a man, including a fellow pro or educator, you must vouch for him and give your word that that man will not speak to other guests unless he is spoken to - that he will not try to 'strike up a conversation' with anyone unless someone starts a conversation with him, and, he must leave when you leave.


  • Community elder and educator Shermie, along with Bruce, have offered their services as drivers.  They have room for 8 passengers and will be delighted to be of service if we need men for anything.


  • This is absolutely not an event for clients.  This is not a kink event, please do not make a scene at this vanilla venue.

Inevitable Questions:


Q:  Why aren't men welcome?   Why is the location such a secret?

A: Like myself, many of my friends have been personally acquainted with a professional who was murdered by a client.


"But, I am ______.

These boundaries shouldn't apply to me."


In the USA we have had in the past

by an 'intimate partner' (husband/boyfriend, etc.).

Being more than 'just a' client/fan/etc. does not make you safe.

Not having respect for boundaries is a serious matter.






Anyone who uses stalker skills to find the location and approach my group will be told that they are


and need to leave us alone immediately.

If they say one more word, I will go straight to a staff member to report that a man is refusing to leave us alone.


Thank you for not giving me a hard time for my birthday 🙂

If you are reading this, I have sent you a direct invitation - Hi! =^.^=


If you would like to join, please respond with the following:


  • Your number on Signal if you would like to be added to the chat group.
    • It could be helpful to have the NY area pros connected on there in case Twitter disconnects us.  I will not shut it down after the event.


  • An address for a Lyft pickup if you would like to be added to the ride share arrangements.
    • Maid Danielle will be compiling the requests and organizing groups the weekend prior.


  • Name and email address of any fem/nb pro or educator you would like to invite as a guest - they will be contacted directly as a full guest and invited to join the chat.