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Oh, what it feels like for a girl...


Silky stockings caressing your legs,

satin panties holding you close.


Feeling sexy and desired,

feminine and flirtatious...



Being the premier NYC Dominatrix / FemDom Mistress for kinky crossdressers is a title I do believe I have earned.

I find exquisite joy and fulfillment in unveiling a hidden femme-self so that she may shine brightly.

Guiding newbies is what really makes my heart sing.



My entry into the world of BDSM was through the bedroom.

My play partner dropped hints about being crossdressed and pegged until I figured it out.

Feigning fear and reluctance, he could never speak to me directly, instead sent videos of what he was 'afraid' I would do.


Realizing the level of sensitivity and intelligence required to dance that back-and-forth dance,

making him feel safe and then pushing him to explore this sweet 'taboo' realm,

I recognized I have something very special to offer.



While yes, I am a BDSM Dominatrix / FemDom Mistress,

one does not need to be submissive to meet with me-I adore egalitarian play!

Perhaps we get you all dolled up, show you what it feels like for a girl, then chat and laugh over wine under the moonlight.

My extensive collection of equipment, skills, and ideas has something for everyone.



For those submissives seeking a Dominatrix to crossdress them, they will find in Me a powerful yet playful Mistress.

I am not harsh.  I do not even enjoy pretending, so if that is what you crave I will wish you the best as you continue your search.

My dominance comes from deep within. My perspective on the world is intrinsically FemDom.

I do not demand submission, I prefer to inspire it.


Experienced players will appreciate My passion and creativity.

This is My calling and craft, seeking out new ideas and inspiration for play is My job.


I take great pleasure in cultivating long-term connections.

Having a Mistress is more than just kinky fun and play;

the bond that develops can bring profound joy.

Under Construction

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