Ah, how sweet it is to be she


Dainty and desirable,

perhaps flirtatious and provocative...


En femme experiences make my heart sing.


Seeing your femme-self blossom

and come out to play just

makes my day ♥





NYC Dominatrix and FemDom Mistress Lady Victoria stands in white lingerie holding the chastity key on a chain around her neck.



do not need to be submissive

to see me.


I adore

egalitarian experiences

where we get you all dolled up

then chat and laugh;


ideally over wine

under the moonlight

- just us girls.


As a Mistress,

I feel especially drawn to

connecting with submissive crossdressers

who have never revealed to anyone

their love of dressing

and desire to serve.



wonderful first experiences

may be My true calling

as a Domina.


Experienced players

can appreciate My passion and creativity.

I take great pleasure in cultivating

long-term connections.


This can be more

than just kinky fun and play;

ownership is a bond

as strong as any

can be.



The NYC Dominatrix for the discerning deviant. A FemDom Mistress offering BDSM & cross-dressing experiences; for newbies to advanced players. Lady Victoria, NYC Dominatrix, is pictured on a staircase wearing a white button-down shirt, black mini-skirt, black corset, and patent black leather Louboutin stiletto high heels with sheer black stockings. Kneeling before her, as one does before a FemDom Mistress, is a female wearing only a collar, black lace panties, thigh high stockings that are nude with a black top-band and backseat. The woman kneeling appears to be kissing Lady Victoria’s knee, her face is hidden behind her shoulder, while NYC Dominatrix Lady Victoria looks straight at you. The BDSM Mistress has a leash on the woman and a bright red ostrich feather teaser across the woman’s back, adding a pop of color to an image that is otherwise neutrals with black and white. The image is by Will Santillo, a renowned erotic photographer.

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