Deposit and Cancellation Policy

~◊♦◊~ VIP ~◊♦◊~

My very important pets, playthings, and partners in crime are eligible for special treatment.

No Deposit Booking


Deposits for New York do not need to be sent provided you understand that if you cancel you must send the deposit amount.


IE: if it says

"With at least ten days' notice: the $1,500 deposit may be applied to a booking within the next three months."

and then you cancel with 11 days' notice, you must send the $1,500 within 48 hours.

If 48 hours would be impossible, send an ETA when you cancel.


Exclusive Options

In addition to the USPS/Fed-Ex options accessible to all,

a variety of electronic options are available exclusively to VIPs for deposits and pre-payments.

Select 'CashApp' on the form if you would use one of those.

Exemptions for the Generous


Those who were generous during COVID:

100% of every gift dollar sent will be deducted from cancellation fees

25% of every iPlay Experience dollar spent

25% of every Tuition Fundraiser dollar

Yes, even though I repaid every fundraiser dollar plus 5% interest. Lol, you know I like to be in control 😉 I also very much appreciate your heart-warming generosity.



If I have you on file as a tipper,

and you have either never canceled or promptly sent consideration for every cancellation,

I will deduct $500 from a fee incurred and add future tips to your credit.

Thank you so very much for your generosity 🙂


Adjusting the Policy


My goal is to protect Myself with a policy fair to all involved.

Suggestions for improvement may be sent within one hour of submitting the contact form;

I need to know what we are looking at to consider adapting the policy to the situation.


To show that another pro with a +$1k min. booking offers the adaptation, send a link to the webpage where you see it.

As someone who studied economics while working on Wall Street, I am comfortable speaking in terms of 'opportunity cost'.

 Please be very mindful of what you ask if there is no precedent or foundation involved.


Thank you for understanding

that I need to stay safe, sane, and solvent

to continue making magic in the world as Lady Victoria.