Spa Day - Monday, November 8th

Details for the

Spa Day


November 8th


Plan so far:


Arrival: ~11am

Lunch:  12:30pm

Sunglasses Photo:  3:30pm




Driving Directions:


Valet Parking $10:

SoJo Spa

660 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020




Free parking 1 block away:


606 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ

Google Maps



Chez-La Dungeon Chauffeurs:

Chez-La Pickup:  10am

SoJo Spa Arrival:  ~10:45am



A departure for Chez-La will leave at  4pm

ETA 5:05pm according to Waze

5:15-5:30pm more likely.



I will be staying at the Hotel RL Monday night so driving by Chez-La.

Departure times for myself and the second chauffeur TBD;

whenever it makes sense 🙂




  • Bring clean flip-flops and a plastic bag so you can wear them on the roof then put them in your bag while barefoot indoors.


  • I will wear sunglasses for the one photo and not worry about makeup.


  • Reservations are available and can be canceled for a full refund up to 30 minutes prior to the entry time you select.
    • The chauffeurs will likely drop off by 11am.


  • I start in the Silk Bath (below the waterfall on the left of the image) as it is one of the higher temperature baths and after a while get hot enough to walk around comfortably in the high 50s/low 60s.
    • Shortcut in white - the door is to the right of the indoor baths.


Yes, the formatting glitched below. Nope, I don't feel like fixing it =^.^=



  • Friendly femme & non-binary adult industry pros may be invited so long as it is understood that whorearchy is not welcome.
    • Guests/dear friends include Dominas, FSSWs, strippers, and porn stars.
    • Slut-shaming or otherwise perpetuating patriarchal purity culture is ridiculous and rude; I do not want my friends to have to deal with any of that nonsense.


  • Before inviting square friends, please double-check for whorephobia - just because someone is fine with one thing doesn't mean they are cool with everything noted above.


  • I want to have a happy birthday with guests who feel safe.  Boundaries on men are necessary for this to be possible.


  • Any man brought along must understand he is not to speak to me or any of my guests unless we speak to him or otherwise *expressly consent* to the conversation.


  • Please do not publicly announce that you are looking for SoJo spa gift cards if you are announcing your attendance.  Let's keep this location a secret to protect us all.


    • We will have two there for service.  Shermie and Bruce provide airport service for a few of the guests and will be providing rides to the spa.
    • Yes, the Shermie who teaches fire play classes and has been active in the community for years.

Rideshares from NYC


Lyft rideshare groups by neighborhood will be organized the weekend prior.

  • Send an address to input into Lyft either with the confirmation info below,
        • or,
      • By Friday, November 5th to:

Shermie and Bruce have space for four each.

    • There will likely be a Chez-La Dungeon pickup around 10 am.
    • Possibly Upper East Side as well?
    • I suggest departure times of up to 3:30 or after 6:30 to avoid traffic.
      • They say they live to serve so have no preference on times.

Our rideshare coordinator who will be happy to answer any question about the location or event, maid danielle of Canada.



  • Proof of vaccination, or a negative test from within 72hrs, required to enter.
  • Masks are optional for vaccinated guests.

Gifts / Presents


  • Truly, your presence will be the best present 🙂


  • Getting clients/subs/fans to contribute Lyft gift cards to the rideshare pool would be awesome!  They are sold in drugstores and available online here:
  • My favorite gifts to receive are non-appearance-related compliments. Ya, I've been dealing with men for a while now...


So, you would like to join the spa party 🙂


If you are reading this I have personally invited you and you are one of the first.  Hi!  Please let me know if the answer is 'yes' to any of these:


  • Can I add you to the online guest list below?


  • Would you like to join a ride-share?
    • Note 'Chez-La Dungeon'
      • Or,
    • Send an address for Lyft.


  • Would you like to be added to the group chat on Signal?

While I would not want to be in charge of it beyond 11/8, I think it would be a great idea for us as a community to have access to a group chat on a platform more secure than a social media app. There's a mute function 😉

    • Please send your number if so.

~ Thank you ~