Deposit and Cancellation Policies

Deposit and Cancellation Policies

Cancellations do not only cost Me money, wreak havoc upon My meticulously designed schedule, and, put to waste the time, effort, and energy I have put into preparing for our experience…

I am often booked weeks out.   I receive future requests and decline if I am booked for that time.
 Individuals see I am booked when they are free and make other plans.  When you change plans it is unlikely I will be able to recover those bookings.
 That puts Me further away from achieving My goals, and costs another individual an amazing experience.

Without a Deposit:

With References, Selfie Screening, or, at Lady Victoria’s Discretion :

A booking may be permitted without a deposit.

You would need to give your word that you will abide by the Cancellation Policy.

With at least 48 hours notice you will be permitted one reschedule.

If the rescheduled date must then be changed to a different week, between 36 hours after booking and 48 hours before the session,  a 25% deposit will be required to confirm that booking.

 With a Deposit

If you must reschedule your booking after it has been on the calendar for 36 hours, with at least 48 hours notice before the session, you will be permitted to reschedule for a date within the next 365 days.

If that second date is on the calendar for more than 36 hours and it then must be changed to a different week, the original deposit is forfeited and an additional deposit will be required to confirm that booking.

Cancellation Policy :

With notice between 48-24 hours :

Standard – 25%

Playtime – 10%


Standard – 50%

Playtime – 25%

Same day :

Standard : 100%

Playtime : 50%

<6 hours notice :

Playtime : 100%

The Decadence and Debauchery, or, Day with a Domina experiences provide extremely flexible rescheduling options.