Deposit and Cancellation Policies

Experiences up to $1,500 = $250 Deposit

Half-days / Exquisite Evenings for $2,000 = $500 Deposit

A Day with a Domina = $750 Deposit

Fantasy Play = $1,000 Deposit



If you are granted the privilege of not being required to present a deposit in advance,

you are on your honor to send the funds within 48 hours if they become due.


It is often possible to reschedule for a time right before or after your original booking.

Eg: if we are set for dinner on Thursday, I generally keep Thursday afternoon and Friday morning clear.

If our schedules align to meet another day that week, we can simply change to then provided you give sufficient notice.

If moving your booking bumps up against My preparation time for another, a $250 - $500 'stress fee' may apply.

If the other day has a higher minimum booking than your experience, you would need to meet the minimum.

**There is absolutely no guarantee this will work out and the cancellation policy will apply if it does not***


NYC Area Residents

If you provide notice of cancellation at least 48 hours before the experience is scheduled to begin, your deposit may be applied to a booking within 30 days.

  • If you were permitted to book on your honor, the funds are to be sent within 48 hours of the cancellation notice.
NYC Visitors
California and Florida

For Loyal, Long-Term Pets & Playthings


After two years of seeing each other at least twice a year, one cancellation fee will be excused per 12 month period.

Do you wish deposits and cancellation fees simply didn't apply to you?


Check out My monthly contract options 🙂