Discipline Equipment


with a bare hand is

my favorite way to begin!


I adore holding

a naughty one tightly in place.

The feeling of flesh on My palm...

The warmth that flows through My skin

as the rosy glow grows on theirs...


If I do not feel they are truly

learning their lesson

and/or my hand gets sore,

I switch to one of these:


My favorite piece!


This OTK-sized rubber strap

is what I grab when I am ready to hear



This can leave impressive marks behind,

on body and mind.


Rubber Hell


Designed by

Mistress Molly for Cane-iac,

sold to Me by Her at My first DomCon.


22 inches long, 2 inches wide, .5 inch thick.

Part of the 'Red-line'; extreme and brutal;

heavy equipment for heavy bottoms.



As a bit of a germaphobe, I favor this style of implement as it can be disinfected.

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