Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why is your calendar telling me that you’re only available for higher level sessions?

A : Opportunity cost.

There is a very delicate balance that I must maintain as a creative.  Without the proper amount of time spent taking care of Myself and My personal goals, I am unable to be My highest self.

What you are seeing represents My decisions as to what is important to Me.

Say there is a class I want to take.  My goal of becoming the best version of Myself possible factors in and outweighs the benefit of the tribute I would receive from a lower level booking.  A higher level booking weighs differently and factors in to My goal of a secure financial future, which can outweigh the benefit of that class.

That calendar was custom programmed to My specifications and it is updated the instant anything changes.  You’re welcome to message My assistant and let her know that if the date becomes available for the session level you are interested in, you would like to book.


Q : Can you make an exception for me? I’d rather not spend that much and want to book now.

A : Do not ask this.

Despite the deeply intimate nature of what I do, it is what I do for a living.  I do not have a trust fund.  I am a self-employed young woman who has a lot of work ahead of Herself before She can achieve all Her goals.

I can understand your perspective and have empathy.  If you have already asked My assistant and she directed you to this I will not think any less of you.  You didn’t know My perspective on the matter.  Understand you will put us in a very awkward position if you persist.

My decisions on My calendar and tributes have been made with many, many factors weighed in.  As My career took off demand skyrocketed.  I was exhausting My supply of creative energy and it was affecting My wellbeing.  Tributes had to go up-Economics 101.

It is sad that there are some individuals I connected with early in My career who now cannot afford to see Me as often or for as long as they would like.  Anyone who has seen Me before who submits a Special Request Submission Petition will be bumped up the waitlist. While I have to protect My wellbeing, I do miss you guys =^.^=

If you experienced a tragic turn of fortune and can now only afford a SRSP but need a date on the calender, I am human and can make exceptions in cases of high need.

Just in case My being reasonable above motivates you to see if you can negotiate :

Understand : I have no desire to cultivate a relationship with someone who is going to ask for favors that would jeopardize My wellbeing and put Me further away from achieving My goals.  When someone who is very significantly ahead of Me in saving for retirement asks for a favor, knowing I am self-employed and everything I do has a reason behind it, I do not look upon them favorably.


I am a luxury experience.

Studies have shown that individuals who spend their money on experiences and personal development are happier than those who buy material objects.

This is an investment in your own well-being and happiness.

We can’t all indulge in luxuries to our heart’s content, but we do savor them all the more when they are special treats.