How I value My time

As a professional, I trade My time and attention for money/tribute/contributions to My success and happiness.

The guidelines below will give you an idea of what type of time and attention you may receive for presenting gifts/contributions.



Peak Creativity in the Morning: $250 per hour

  • A thoughtful/titillating email consumes ~1 hour: $250
  • A quality titillating photo consumes ~2 hours: $500


Noon-8pm: $50 per 15 minutes.

  • A back-and-forth email or text interaction of up to 5 messages consumes ~15 minutes
  • For a phone call, I set 30 minutes aside ($100)
  • For Skype / Facetime I set 45 minutes aside, 15 to do hair and makeup, 30 to chat ($150)
    • My talent is for in-person experiences.  I do not offer phone or video sessions as those involve different skill sets.



  • Social time is $250 per hour and becomes flexible with bookings of $2,000 or higher.
  • Scene/playtime is $500 per hour and becomes flexible with bookings of $5,000 or higher.
    • Or, bookings involving extended bondage/confinement or ignore play.



Some prefer to send gifts or sponsor treats with My girlfriend in lieu of cash,

then suggest what it is that they would enjoy experiencing.



For those looking for something deeper and even more fulfilling,

an ongoing arrangement of communications and in-person experiences,

I offer Long-Term Training and Ownership.

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