How to Remain Anonymous

Yes, it is possible to see Lady Victoria and remain anonymous.

Deposits will be required.

Meeting locations are limited to a staffed dungeon or a 5-Star Hotel.


  • If you do not use Bitcoin, purchase a $100 Amazon Gift Card from a drug store to book the preliminary chat, or, $250 if you are certain you will book.


  • When filling out the Contact Form¬†select the anonymous option under In-Person Booking, or, simply book a phone call. ¬†If you book within 3 months the $100 goes towards tribute.


  • You do not have to use your work or personal email address.
    • offers free encrypted accounts.
    • With an encrypted account your communications will be end-to-end secure.


  • Use a VPN at all times on the web to protect your IP address.


Keeping you safe is of paramount importance,

online and in-person.


Non-disclosure agreements can be signed.

Lady Victoria's screening and scheduling assistant, Miss Tammy, has signed one drawn up by an attorney with *a bit* of a privacy fetish.

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