En Femme - 'As a Woman'

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kink!

We have the fun toys...

Congratulations on taking the first step down this delightful path!


Introducing newbies to kink and BDSM brings Me profound joy =^.^=


As a switch who was a newbie Herself only a few years ago,
I understand well the that it can be confusing and seem overwhelming

Perhaps I'll be your guide...

Dominatrix NYC - NYC Dominatrix - Dominant Mistress NYC - NYC Dominant Mistress - Dest Dominatrix NYC - NYC Best Dominatrix -
Dominatrix NYC - NYC Dominatrix - Dominant Mistress NYC - NYC Dominant Mistress - Dest Dominatrix NYC - NYC Best Dominatrix -


Newbie FAQ's :

Is this going to hurt?

Only if you tell Me you are a masochist and that is what you want.
There are many aspects of kink that have nothing to do with pain.

A core tenant of BDSM is Consent.
Nothing will happen that you do not consent to,
and consent can be withdrawn at any time.


Are you going to be yelling and mean?

Only if we script out a role-play scene with Me in that character.
Like the majority of individuals into BDSM
I am a very nice person
who can be very naughty in all the right ways...


What if I'm not sure I'm ready for a session?

We can speak on the phone or Skype.
With no session booked a phone call is $50
If you choose to book within 3 months
those funds can be put towards the tribute.

What is going to happen?

When you fill out the booking form
you will be asked questions
specific to your inclinations.
This will aid you in figuring out what all you may
be interested in exploring.

Upon confirmation of a booking request you will be asked if you would like a complimentary 30-minute phone call with Me.

This would be a casual, light conversation.
I understand that for some it is extremely difficult to talk about their inclinations. I have had experiences were all I had to go on was the form, the phone call and meet-and-greet were devoid of talk of kink-and they have gone very well. This is more a chance for us to feel each other's energy and figure out if we may get on well.

If we hit it off telephonically, your booking can be confirmed. As a newbie you will be able to opt for a meet-and-greet over a beverage before the session. This generally happens at a sports bar, coffee shop,  or jazz lounge, where we can break the ice and have a nice chat. This time can be away from public eyes if certain screening requirements are met.

Afterwards we head to the session. This is where anything can happen based upon your inclinations.

Dominatrix NYC - NYC Dominatrix - Dominant Mistress NYC - NYC Dominant Mistress - Dest Dominatrix NYC - NYC Best Dominatrix -

What happens when we start the scene?

Before any BDSM scene begins there is final Negotiation and Consent.  I will tell you then what I have in mind then you will consent or we will renegotiate.  I will ask again if you have any injuries I should be aware of and it usually amuses Me to ask if you have been fantasizing about our session, and if so what you've been seeing in your mind's eye.  You will be given safe words and codes, understanding that consent may be revoked at any time and one work or gesture stops everything.

Then, we begin.

Can I remain completely anonymous?

Sure, but you're going to have to put down a larger deposit and the session would be at a staffed public dungeon.

Understand that this is not to give you a hard time, this is because there are individuals out there who do not have pure intentions.  Individuals who seek to remain anonymous because they have no intention of showing up to a session.  Or worse, individuals who have criminal intentions and would do Me harm.  By wanting to hide who you are you are going to look like one of those types, and it will be up to you to prove otherwise.

Understand I am a well reviewed and highly regarded member of a community.  If I were to ever behave unethically with your information you would have numerous avenues of recourse, My career would be over, and I could face jail time-so I will not be doing that!  My assistant only sees the information relevant to scheduling.  The website is secured and the contents of the form encrypted.  But if you really must hide -

Go to one of these locations and purchase a $50 PayPal gift card.  Send the code on the back to Booking@LadyVictoriaNYC.com or enter it into the form.  If you book within 3 months this can be deducted from the tribute.

A phone number you may call at a scheduled time will be provided-this number is only for the call and should not be called or texted for any reason at any other time.

If the call goes well and you decide to book, a deposit via PayPal gift card will be required in the amount of at least 25% of the tribute.