Special Offers - Established Patrons

Not available at this time.


- Idea conceived pre-Omicron - Will become possible if the variant proves to not cause Long Covid, or, I get sick and fully recover -


Next-Day Bookings


If my calendar is green for the next 2 days,

(one for us to meet and one for my aftercare)

you may submit this form between 4-7pm.

~ Add $500 if tomorrow is blue ~

Special Offers - Established Patrons
Next-Day Booking Location:
NY Area
For locations outside of Manhattan, bookings include up to 1hr of driving from 10960.
Pandora's Box - Rental Fees

*New Hours* Open 12pm or 4pm until 9pm or 10pm

$100 per hr - $80 per 30min - Add $60 per hr for a 3rd person.

Your Location
Hotel Location:

DayUse and HotelsByDay are excellent for this and have no cancellation fees.

Booking the Hotel

Calling the hotel the night before is highly recommended; the front-desk computers do not alert the staff to day-use reservations so a room may not be ready if you do not call.

Start Time - NY Area
Start Time - Nyack

Please note this is a Cash Only offer.

The envelope/cash must be placed in plain sight within 5 minutes of entering the private space.

It is terrible form to force a lady to ask for the envelope and can poison our energy together.

~ There are no required fields below ~

Value of My Time


Playtime / behind-closed-doors time: $500 per hour

Social time in public: $250 per hour

Couples: add $250 per hour


~ If you have limited in-person time, we can put the time to good use connecting remotely ~

Up to 30mins via text or telephone: $100

Must be scheduled via the app.



For wardrobe and meal planning purposes, let me know if you would like to:


Consideration Policy


If you cancel after I confirm

and I have invested time into preparations,

consideration for my time must be sent.


Between 4-7pm: $50

Between 7-9:30pm: $100

9:30pm-7am: $150

7am-9am: $200

9am-11am: $250

11am-before I leave: $500

After I am in NYC: $750



Would you like to speak on the phone tomorrow before we meet?
I enjoy speaking beforehand - select a time if you can.

Please note that these specials do not include the 30-min follow-up chat that regular bookings feature. I am here for you in case of sub-drop, of course, and will send a brief note to check in instead of my usual hour of writing.

Unless you note otherwise, we meet inside the playspace.

Requests sent via email or text will be declined.