Rules for Posting Testimonials and Reviews

Rules for posting :

Understand that we live in a society with laws.  Laws that may seem completely irrational when applied our context.  Laws that I will nevertheless require you to respect when posting on My website.

  • As per US Law if I were to put a ball-gag inside of your mouth as part of a professional BDSM scene I would be committing an act of prostitution.  Being paid to insert an object into an orifice is prostitution in the United States.
  • As per US Law one cannot consent to abuse.  To protect vulnerable individuals in domestic violence situations who would say things such as “No officer, I *wanted* to be punched in the face and thrown down the stairs” there are laws on the books stating that if one party has marks or bruises the other goes to jail for assault. There is no such thing as legal acceptance of an illegal act.

These laws have been recently used to prosecute individuals engaging in consensual BDSM activities.  Until we see the day when these laws are intelligently amended, I will abide by them.


Suggestions for posting  :

Preface your post with how you identify to give context.

***Remember your 7th heaven could be someone else’s 9th ring of hell!***


-Humiliation fetishist here :  Lady Victoria was cruel, She exploited my every weakness…

-Spanko here : I have been seeing disciplinarians for 15 years, into spanking my whole life.

A fantasy inspired by Lady Victoria is that She :

-Princess trapped in a boy body  - Lady Victoria made me feel…

-Newbie here : …

This will also give those into the same things a way to quickly identify that which they could relate to.

Ideas for content :

Before meeting :

-Did you feel that you were able to communicate your inclinations and that they were heard?

-Did you feel that you were treated as an individual with unique attributes?

First Impression :

-Am I the woman in the photos on My website?

-Do I look the same? Older, younger? Fatter, fitter? Better, worse?

-Did you feel I was experienced?

-How did I make you feel?

-Comfortable / uncomfortable?

Ongoing Impression :

-How long have you known Me?

-How often do you see Me?

-Would you say that the connection has grown stronger and the experiences more fulfilling?

-Have you ever seen Me have a bad day?  How was it handled?