Scorpio Season Celebration | November 5-6

Scorpio Season



Domina Slumber Party & Spa Day

with a psychedelic journey option


Sunday - Monday,

November 5-6

Domina Slumber Party & Spa Day

with a psychedelic journey option

The basic plan:

Sunday: We meet at H W Suites

  • Edgewater, NJ
  • ~3pm / check-in time
  • Community slumber party 🙂


Monday: Head to SoJo Spa, ~5mins away

  • 12:30pm group lunch
  • Sunglasses photo 3:30pm
  • Chauffeur service subs leave ~4pm



~ Beyond that ~


FemDom slumber party ideas:


  • Photoshoot setup
    • I'll bring backdrops and lights
    • Just BYO camera


  • Potluck - share your favorite food.
      • All rooms have kitchens
      • Waterfront park picnic?
      • Birthday cake for Scorpios.


Myself (Victoria)

Elena De Luca

*your name here?*


  • A Honey Birdette shop is ~25mins away.


  • Btw, some rooms sleep 6, which can be a good deal for groups of friends.


  • Skillshare? Clothing/equipment swap?
    • Please feel welcome to bring your ideas to life for the community! 🙂


  • We could add Saturday if there's interest.


This is an opportunity to create our own adventure.  We can do anything we want to do (that won't get us banned from the Hilton 😉 )


One request:


I will ask that everyone share home COVID test selfies before joining the slumber party.


I am immunocompromised with a respiratory condition, and I had an upsetting experience with long COVID.


Please do not give me a hard time for my birthday.  If you don't like this, I don't want to hear about it; just skip the slumber party.

Waterfront with NYC views is <5mins walk


~ here please ~

Scorpio Season Celebration RSVP
Will you join?


Yay! Thank you 🙂

All sections below are optional.



Can I add you to the online guest list here?
Transportation Options:

Psychedelic Journey Path:



will facilitate a medicine journey.


Intention work and abstaining from alcohol and marijuana for a minimum of 24hrs are required to participate.

(screening form coming soon - questions may be sent here )

Spa Admission: $100



Arrival: ~11am

Lunch:  12:30pm

Group Photo:  3:30pm




  • Friendly femme & NB adult industry pros may be invited.
    • No high-drama people, please.
    • If I am *not* following them on Twitter, please ask me before sending them this page.


  • This is a safe space for SWers.  Please do not invite anyone who thinks their branch of the red umbrella is above any other; whorearchy is wrong and rude.
    • Invitees include Dominas, FSSW, strippers, & porn stars.


  • LGBTQIA+ positive only (it's ok to be straight, just no hate).



For the slumber party, well-behaved men may be brought with the understanding some rooms may be femme/NB only.


Any man brought to the spa party must understand he is not to speak to others unless spoken to.


  • If he doesn't like that, maybe he shouldn't attend a Dominatrix's birthday party.


Please do not publicly mention the locations.  If your client or fan shows up uninvited, get him away from the group or call security if he won't go away.


  • Shermie and Bruce are providing chauffeur service and will be joining us.  They are very friendly and respectful; if you are not up for conversation, do not hesitate to say so.
    • Shermie teaches needle and fire play classes, and Bruce is a lead volunteer with TES.
    • They possess a wealth of knowledge, organize a number of well-attended FemDom dining events, and can be valuable contacts to have.


  • Bring clean flip-flops and a plastic bag, put them in your carryall while barefoot indoors.


  • Bring sunglasses for photos & skip makeup.
    • Sheet masks are popular in the saunas.


  • The purple line on the map shows the shortcut from the locker room (the door is to the right of the indoor pools) to the Silk Bath, one of the higher-temperature baths.  I go there first and soon feel warm enough to walk around comfortably in the high 50s/low 60s November weather.


  • Purple dot = group photo location for  3:30pm.
    • Claiming those lounge chairs would be helpful.


Silk Bath
Silk Bath

Driving Directions:


Valet Parking $12:

SoJo Spa

660 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020




Free parking 1 block away:


606 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ

Google Maps


(In years past, we did this.  They may stay over at the hotel this year, so the plan would be different.)

Brooklyn Chauffeur:

Old Chez-La Pickup:  10am

SoJo Spa Arrival:  ~10:45am



A departure for Chez-La will leave at 4pm

ETA 5:05pm according to Waze

5:15-5:30pm more likely.

Gifts / Presents


  • Truly, your presence will be the best present 🙂


  • Kicking into a pool to sponsor the admission for someone who could use it would be amazing!

If anyone is game to keep the kitty/pool the funds, pls let me know - it's 100% cool if you could use it yourself.


  • Getting subs to contribute Lyft gift cards to the rideshare pool would be awesome!  Sold in drugstores and available online here:
  • My favorite gifts to receive are non-appearance-related compliments. Ya, I've been dealing with men for too damn long...
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