Throughout the course of history there have been creatives and their patrons.
Together they achieved great accomplishments that advanced the world.
How far would Galileo and Michelangelo have gotten were it not for the Medicis?

What your becoming a Patron does for Me :

It provides Me with the ability to more efficiently achieve My goals.  Goals that include making the world a better place, becoming the best version of Myself I can possibly be, and, creating a secure foundation for Myself and My future children.

One pet project I wish I could devote more time to is the exploration of where hypnosis, meditation, and bondage can go-I’m excited about the possibility of a new and transcendent experience I may bring to the world.  Another project I am in the midst of is developing a software program that would improve play experiences for all kinky individuals worldwide and may return passive income for the rest of my life if I do it right-Yay!

Having patrons gives Me stability and the ability to focus on higher goals, not concerning Myself with how many sessions I have on the calendar.  It is a wonderful feeling =^.^=


What it does for you :

Becoming a Patron facilitates deeper, richer experiences and a more profound connection.

Your commitment to Me I honor with a commitment to you.  Diving deep into your inclinations, identifying what experiences may bring the most fulfillment and joy.  My creative brain focused upon your development multiple times a month, each experience building upon what we learned from the last.

Over time a wonderful bond develops.  The connection between a Domme and patron is a unique one.  We will have conversations you wouldn’t dream of having with anyone else.  Conversations about things you are feeling you wouldn’t reveal to your friends or family, thoughts that yearn to be explored which would otherwise be kept bottled up.

As you help Me to achieve My goals I take on the responsibility for your development.  Together we learn, grow, and have amazing times along the way.


If you find yourself inclined to patronize creative development,
why not have some fun?