En Femme - 'As a Woman'

Role play has long been My passion.  As a little girl I would create complex imaginary worlds for Myself and My playthings-how things circle around!  As a young adult I trained at a top acting school.


Today I delight in creating detailed foundations for improvisational play. For Me role play has to make sense. Why are we here? What is My motivation?  Where are we going to create tension? All factors that I sort out before beginning.


With a solid foundation to play upon the scene can grow and take on a life of its own. Delightful exchanges as things click and flow. Fertile minds at play can experience bursts of brilliant inspiration, creating some of the most enjoyable and satisfying moments.


Understand that with heavy psychological play I exert an enormous amount of creative and emotional energy. For certain scenes I may have to require higher level bookings.

Legit Headshot- High Res