VIP Booking

Would you like to book directly with Lady Victoria?


VIP Experiences begin at $2,000


Send your references and $500 to:

MissTammy (at)

No references?  Review this then send location preference with $500.


Once your deposit/references have been confirmed by My assistant,

I will personally respond to set up our adventure.


Bitcoin is preferred: 1A8aGBqrS274at5zm53BCZxVMoq98ErzKK


An Amazon eGift may be sent to the above email address,


Purchase physical Amazon gift cards anonymously at a drug store and email the codes under the scratch-off on the back. 


$500 covers up to two hours of My time booking and bantering.

$2,000 would include the two hours plus a $1,500 in-person experience.

Additional time and attention are available as per these guidelines.


For flexible timing around your schedule, a day is $2,500.

Some book multiple days to have Me on standby if they are not sure when they can get away from their work.


For the luxury experience seeker, $5,000 Fantasy Play Days are the crème de la crème.

I take care of everything.  The location rental is included, additional players may be brought in, shopping may be done.