Why sending consideration upon cancellation is necessary

As I have observed that some seem to take cancellation policies personally,

I will share a bit about what was behind this decision to show that is absolutely not the case.

In 2019 I had $8,000 in cancellations. 

All within 24 hours of the start time.  $0 (zero dollars) of consideration was sent. 

My 2019 taxable profit came up to $20,116. 


I would have to be out of my mind to continue the business practices which led to that situation. 

There is no way I could continue to bring joy to the world as Lady Victoria without making changes to protect Myself.

Surely business leaders can understand Opportunity Cost and that bills don't evaporate when plans change.

BTW, there’s no pension plan for self-employed small business owners.



Everyone I have met in the past few years has had to agree to a deposit and cancellation policy before I would meet them. 

That $8,000 was all from individuals I have known for many years who have never been a problem in the past.

This is why there can be no exceptions.


More than half of that $8k was after I lost a quarter of the year to appendicitis. 

I ran these heart-rending numbers going into the COVID lockdowns.

To feel safe, I need an agreement to send consideration.