Some of the most ancient records in the world

document a practice amongst humans known as



Presenting gifts, or 'bearing tribute',

has been known since the dawn of civilization to enhance

the chances of a favorable outcome when approaching another.



For clarity

as to what level of favor you may obtain,

see How I value My time.



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Gift cards may be sent to:




They should NOT be sent to a 'LadyVictoria' email address,

doing so could get me banned for life.


Other gifts may be shipped to :

P. Designs

48 South Broadway #447

Nyack, NY 10960


My Favorite Spa

My Favorite Lingerie

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My Favorite Clothing

A Favorite Online Shop

If you would like to gift latex, leather, or other fetish items, you may ask what I currently desire.

Include a note as to your thoughts on what type of time and attention you are hoping for or price range.


Coveted Item :

A multi-color souvenier pen from Paris.


Mine has sadly run out of ink.


I adore these for note-taking in classes and workshops, switching colors to group ideas instead of using space keeps things concise.


Pens from Berlin or London would be My second choice, although you will get points for finding one from anywhere as it is the thought that counts =^.^=

This opportunity is no longer available.

It was such a wonderful success I will be creating more like it in the future.

I am leaving it here so you may take a peek.

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