Experience Options - 2024

Under Construction


Regularly updated information as to what I can offer as I recover is coming soon!


Current conditions:

No restrictions on psychological play, my mind feels 100% back in the game--hurray!



  • I can only commit to 90-minute scenes
  • Impact play is limited to 30mins
  • Equipment is limited to what fits into one carry-on suitcase


Incall is available in the Hudson Valley, at my favorite hotel, or I can come to your location.

Me setting up a NYC location adds more work to my day than I can commit to at this time.

While my health has improved to the point I can physically and mentally orchestrate and enjoy 90-minute scenes,

My immune system is still in a state where I need to behave as if I am in chemotherapy/am immunocompromised.

  • For those willing to isolate for 3 days and take a RSV, flu, & C19 test, I am willing to see them for up to 3 days with up to 90minutes per day of intense playtime.  Behind-closed-doors time is at my usual rate.  For social time outdoors, I can be very flexible.


  • I'm bringing Bondassage back!  This is a massage-like experience where touch is choreographed to music, and goes far beyond a traditional massage 😉 I will be wearing an N95 mask, you do not need to wear one.
Tommy-O - photographer