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Members Only Galleries for Newsletter Subscribers

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At this time only the Newsletter Subscriber and Diamond Collar Club levels are live.

The galleries outlined in red are still under construction.

The others are by DCC invitation only.


The 'Preferred Pet Club' will launch next.

***Under Construction***

Pre-Screened or Paid Member Area

***Under Construction***

Lady Victoria's Preferred Pet Club

Only accessible to those who have served Me well in-person.

◊♦◊ The Diamond Collar Club ◊♦◊


These galleries contain private images that I never wish to be public.

To keep them safe, I only open them up to those who contribute to My success and wellbeing at the highest levels.

Diamond level experiences begin at half-days and are marked by the triple diamond;



'The Golden Collar Club'

may be joined by those who have served Me well in-person and write a testimonial.

While it features 95% of the DCC media, Artistic Nudes and strapon photos are not included.


For those with limited time, I offer ◊♦◊ upgrades on Decadence experiences;

these can feature My popular 'Anticipation building communication and banter package',

emails or text messaging in between bookings, and/or bespoke photos/videos.


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