Prom Night - A Hypnotic Transformation Experience

Silky panties slip on,

caressing and holding you close.

Smooth stockings slide over your legs,

fastening to a lacy garter belt.


Giggling with your girlfriend

as she applies your makeup and

long, elegantly polished nails.


A sparkling, flowing, fluffy prom dress

envelops you entirely as it slips over your head.

Your luscious hair cascades down,

framing your blushing face...


Settling down upon

a comfortable plush seat,

you close your eyes and allow

your mind to relax.


You are feeling safe and secure

- all your questions about this hypnotic

experience were answered before we began -

you relax deeply.


The sound of My voice is

now speaking directly to your subconscious,

as you let your conscious mind relax

and enjoy the ride...

You find yourself at the top of a staircase,

what awaits you at the bottom is a wonderland,

you're going to the prom!


Gliding down the stairs you feel the dress

swaying around your legs.


Downstairs you see your date,

so powerful and sexy, smiling up at you.


The obligatory photos in front of the fireplace

are taken, your dainty hand upon their chest.


Ready for adventure and excitement

you head off into the evening.


Fashionably late, of course,

you glide in and everyone turns;

you're used to it, you know you're gorgeous.


There's a commotion all around,

everyone is smiling at you and clapping.

While you weren't paying attention

they named you Prom Queen!


The crowd parts as you walk through,

you see them all staring with envy at you;

every girl wishing that she could be you,

every boy wishing he could have you...


You feel the weight of the

crown being placed on your head

then see your date being named Prom King.

You feel the joy rush through your body,

the delight warming your face.


The music begins to play,

your date takes your hand and

elegantly guides you to the dance floor.


Their powerful arm

wrapping around your lithe waist,

firmly pulling you close for the

royal court dance.


Wrapped up in a delicious embrace,

a smile glowing upon your face.

Feeling delightfully

energized and glowing with joy,

the rest of the dance becomes a happy blur

and melts into the hotel room

your date brought you to.


You know what happens

to naughty girls on Prom Night...


You feel your body tingling

with excitement and anticipation,

as you open your eyes

into that moment...


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