NYC Dominatrix Lady Victoria – DomCon LA 2021

DomCon 2021 - Los Angeles


Los Angeles




DomCon is an event

where lifestyle and pro kinksters

gather to collaborate, educate, and play.


By day there are classes, socials, and contests.

By night, kinky play parties with mischief galore;

smiles and screams and laughter abound.


This was my ninth 'Con and one aspect that

stands out were the connections I made

with fellow New Yorkers.



NYC Dominatrix Mistress Shayla

owns the Chez-La Dungeon in Brooklyn;

Co-Headmistress of 7 Days of Domination

educational events.


I thoroughly enjoyed Our

conversations on the psychology and

philosophies of FemDom, BDSM,

fetish, & kink.



The New York Crew

It was my pleasure to organize this group photo for many of the New Yorkers.




In the BDSM community,

our elders are respected and valued.

Our adored Shermie organized this breakfast

for the New York crew and friends.

Thank you, Shermie!



(Those linked above are not duplicated below.)


Red Carpet



The Mistresses Tea


We had just been told that, traditionally,

photos here are taken with a cup of tea in hand;

then someone said 'pinkies up!'


Socials are where unowned

submissives may serve - a great way to get out

there and become known to Dominas.


One of many DomCon


DomCon Los Angeles 2021


~ Clicking the group photo opens an enlargement ~


Mistress Shayla and I are in the back row.

She is in front of the right pillar of the white

archway and I am to the right.



My trusty bondage horse, Spanky, came along and was put to good use.


My trusty bondage horse,


flew out to Los Angeles with me.


I was delighted to see so many

newbies and couples and crossdressers

coming out to play!



I Love

setting the scene for

extraordinary experiences,

creating delicious memories

to be savored.




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