If you are reading this,

I think you are at the top of your game

and would love to offer doubles with you 🙂


Note: I don't actually do a lot of doubles.

This is largely for SEO backlinks & to give patrons something to aspire towards.

I do not reduce my rates for doubles, so it would be my rate + your rate = out of reach for most.


I have done doubles with some top Dominas and companions, and it's been wicked fun!

If we get booked, I will bring my a-game 🙂

Do you have a doubles page to swap backlinks?

Maximum file size: 516MB

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Your copy here?

This could be just photo, name, and link.

Or you add a bit more info; ideally:


Do you have a minimum booking $ amount or range that you share?


Are you able to host?

Do you have a dungeon or apartment?



Mistress Example A


Don't be fooled by my _____,

(or insert less cliche advert copy here)



My private dungeon is near Union Square.



As of April, 2023

In-call rates start at $xxx for y hours, outcall starts at $xxx for y hours


Lady Victoria NYC



Dominatrix for the Discerning Deviant 

and strap-on siren.


I love working with newbies & crossdressers, in addition to offering the Traditional Arts of the Dominatrix.


My minimum booking is displayed on my availability calendar, linked here:



*Note: I am aware of FOSTA/SESTA and why doubles pages were taken down in 2018.  I will take this page down if they come after us, but they're not now.