My Guest of Honor Apperance at DomCon


For DomCon New Orleans 2018

I was invited to attend as Guest of Honor


I was presented with an award for having attained

Prominence and Excellence as a Domina

and for My contributions to the BDSM Community.


I am believed to be the youngest in Domme Years

(a little more than 3 1/2 years in this world)

to be named Guest of Honor.


DomCon's are held annually in both Los Angeles and New Orleans, with NOLA being My favorite by far!


While LA is 'The Big One' and more of our international Sisters fly in, I love NOLA for its intimacy and wild energy.


With the smaller group I find friendships grow deeper.


With the wild energy of NOLA right at our doorstep, we wind up out on the town until the wee hours-smiles and laughter abound!


Dominatrices and Strip Clubs go together extraordinarily well =^.^=

This year it was 'Hunk Oasis' with Mistress Leigh of Pandora's Box and several other NYC Dominas.

Without a submissive to kneel behind My chair and give Me dollars to tip, I set My stand-in bratley bear upon the stage to hold the dollars =^.^=


Goddess Phoenix has become a beloved friend and mentor.


A highly respected Domina,

She embraces being a sensual and seductive player.


When I was new I had this idea that I should hide that in Myself, emulating the harsh archetypes out there.


Thank Goddess I met Her! =^.^=


We have spent many kink-cations together, Domme Trips Jamaica and Cozumel, Plunge Fetish Jamaica.

She enjoys traveling the world as a teacher of kink on cruise ships.  There may be news in the works... 😉



(Yes, there is a teddy bear in the bag at My feet, representing My collared pet who could not attend, bratley bear.)


the way the

lights shine

on My latex...


Miss Lila Sage and I first met at a New Year's Eve party in Los Angeles for 2018.

She was a lifestyle Mistress curious about the profession; we were introduced by one on My Burning Man campmates.

It was My pleasure to share what I had learned, and now that She has become a Top Domme I am delighted to have Her as My Sister.

Intelligence is perhaps the quality I value most.  I have met a lot of beautiful women who cannot hold up a conversation.  Miss Lila is delightfully witty, plus kind and funny =^.^=

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Her on doubles when She had Her first tour to NYC.

Sharing interests in hypnosis we created a unique experience.  It was a hit with those we tested it out on and I look forward to further developing it in the future.

Many thanks to the DomCon Board for naming Me Guest of Honor!

I am deeply grateful for the community they bring together and nurture, My chosen family with so many beautiful Sisters =^.^=


As one of the taller Dominas in the world, I am in the back row on the left, just to the right of Miss Lila.

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