power of hypnosis

has had me wrapped up in its spell

since the first time I was hypnotized in 2016.

By year end I was a certified hypnotist,

trained by the person who

wrote the book on

Mind Play.


Dominatrix NYC - NYC Dominatrix - Dominant Mistress NYC - NYC Dominant Mistress - Dest Dominatrix NYC - NYC Best Dominatrix -

Enchanting newbies

into shedding inhibitions

is a favorite pasttime!



kinky fantasies

that have been locked up in a closet

can come out to play and be fully embraced

- even if just while under My spell,

which breaks when they

leave the room.




delight Me! 


Not a care in the world,

other than your kinky Mistress's wishes

to see you dolled up all pretty,

serving at Her party.


My Prom Night Experience

is an example of a hypnotic adventure

I have created.

Hypnosis Badges - NEEHU

For those who know:

yes, I was trained by Wiseguy

and completed the full certification

as a Guild certified professional hypnotist.


NEEHU and Charmed

have provided a wealth of kinky ideas

and wonderful friends.



Q: Are you going to make me (insert thing seen in a movie) against my will?

A: No.  As a member of multiple communities that would take me to task if I was reported as a consent violator, you have more than just my word that I am an ethical player who wouldn't do that. With community there is accountability. Nothing will happen against your will.

Consensual non-consent can be fabulously fun!  It does require more extensive pre-scene negotiations than many other forms of play.


Q: Can you hypnotize me? I don't think I can be hypnotized.

A: Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.  Every experienced hypnotist has encountered someone offering a 'challenge,' My teacher taught me that it's best not to engage with that type of person, and I feel that is the right choice for me.

If you resist being hypnotized, you will not be hypnotized.  The process requires your consent, participation, and imagination.

Technically, the only people who cannot be hypnotized are those with neurodivergent conditions who cannot focus and those with no imagination. If you don't think you can be hypnotized but want to be, go see a non-kinky hypno pro with +10years of experience first.

I do not have any special equipment or desire to engage with difficult subjects.


Q: Can you hypnotize me over the phone or on a video call?

A: I do not offer remote experiences.  I am an in-person person. It's like handing a sculptor a paintbrush and canvas; it is not the medium on which I have honed my skills. There are plenty of online HypnoDommes who would love to trance you; seek out one of them.

I love the power

and unlimited possibilities

available to Me as a



HypnoKink and Erotic Hypnosis allow my creative mind to run free without those pesky laws of physics, logic, and reality.


We are only beginning to understand the power of the subconscious; hypnosis is a way to harness that enormous power.


For those who have been to all three, it is generally agreed that subspace, a meditative state, and a hypnotic trance are all the same place; I believe they compliment and enhance each other.


Will you let Me into your mind?

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