A variety of diversions

to add kinky delight & comfort to our lives,

until we can meet in person.



Kinky Conversations


Miss your Mistress?

Let's indulge in deliciously naughty conversations,

perhaps planning our ultimate fantasy adventure...


Social Bonding


Being a Mistress is more than just kink.

At times it means ensuring that you are well and cared for;

adding lightness and levity when needed.



Wine Time Wonderings

Custom Photos

What is your favorite vision of Me?


That outfit which ignites excitement,

that stance that makes you weak in the knees,

that certain something inspiring a rise...


Taking photos serves Me well in many ways.

My creative energies revel in planning and execution.

I delight in showing off My tantalizing curves.


The process takes an enormous amount of time

but not once have I regretted the investment.

Photos are forever.

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Pet Project in Development


iDomination & Development




If you are looking for the best way to serve Me


this project is a dream goal I am very excited to have the time to develop!




My Passion Project


Written Erotica


My creative mind finds an exquisite joy

in crafting exotic, erotic, fun-filled worlds

where our imaginations may deploy.



Other Offerings in Development

Special Offerings:


Health Insurance Angel:



For less than what you would be spending on dining out,

you can be an angel helping Me out, enjoying the ways I brighten your days.


Cover My $628 a month insurance on an ongoing basis for the duration of the shutdown:

Receive a $1,000 value of donor gifts for the first month, $750 value each month after.


Larger gifts are excellent for those who dislike a 'transactional' feel.

I enjoy being generous with those who are generous.



Monthly Newsletter?


Those who choose to be generous may opt to receive more regular updates and photos,

perhaps a monthly newsletter, likely with workout selfies as I am So excited about My progress!

Plus, I may send over a few from that last shoot...




For mental health reasons,

I will only engage with those who follow the directions

here and on the Donations page.


My boundaries keep Me safe and sane.


An expectation of special treatment

is a red flag that boundaries may be disregarded

and My wellbeing compromised.


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