Long-Term Training & Ownership

Having a Mistress

is more than just kinky fun.

The bond that develops runs deep,

providing profound fulfillment, joy,

adventure, and perhaps

even love...


How far would Galileo have gotten without Medici?

In being a patron to a creative you facilitate the work they do.


My purpose in life :

To Create Joy and Happiness for Myself and Others,

Leaving this World a Better Place.


As a Dominatrix I specialize in working with kinky situations,

pursuing My life's purpose looks a tad different than the same aim would for a schoolteacher 😉

Nevertheless, this is the heart of why I do what I do.


Some feel shame, fear, and anger about the inclinations they were born with and cannot deny.

It is My calling to uplift, encourage, and confirm that there is nothing 'wrong' with them.


Having patrons enables Me to work on big-picture projects:

Perpetually educating Myself so that I may be more effective in pursuing My purpose.

Offering affordable experiences to closeted young trans persons and military veterans.

Dreaming up imaginative experiences to take kinky play to the next level.


I love to study success strategies and the skills coaches use,

to better direct My pets and playthings for now, and, to prepare Myself;

when I am a mother I will introduce myself as a 'Success Coach.'

My Patrons make these studies practical.

Benefits of being a Patron


Experiences expertly crafted around your inclinations.

As we get to know each other better,

I learn how to push your buttons for the greatest effect;

knowing which words, actions, and equipment will bring you to that next level.

The freedom from financial pressures your patronage provides enables Me to take

more time to contemplate how I may wish to proceed with you.


A deeper level of connection.

My owned pets and playthings have become My beloved family.

They are able to confide in Me things they would never tell anyone else.

They know that I will keep our connection exciting, actively creating new experiences.

Knowing that they are Mine and serving Me even when we are apart

brings a joyful glow to My spirit.


There are no deposits or cancellation fees.

If our day must be rescheduled we simply put a new one on the calendar.

If that booking must be rescheduled, we are usually already into the next month.

Unbooked time may go towards longer experiences and vacations.


Being developed into the happiest and most successful version of yourself.

My mind loves science!

There is a science to being happy and successful.

Development Contracts involve creating and implementing a plan to get you there.

With a sexy Dominatrix motivating you with rewards, punishments, and fun-ishments;

your goals and dreams will be achieved - all the while you will be serving Me

with My goals and dreams of making the world a better place,

furthering My work for the Divine Feminine.


In-Person Experiences

Long-Distance Experiences

The Brat Package

Do you imagine yourself as a naughty boy,

doing things you know you're not supposed to be doing

so that you get caught and punished?


Add $1,000 per month to any of the contracts above for up to two occurrences per month.

This includes :

  • Me finding time in My schedule as soon as possible to address your transgression.
  • Appropriately admonishing you for your behaviour.
  • Assigning a punishment.
  • Checking up on your compliance with that punishment.

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