Ah, pain...

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways;


I love seeing how much a

masochistic submissive can take for Me,

as I dance on the edge of their pain threshold

to the sweet symphony of their cries.


I love meeting newbies

who do not understand why,

yet cannot deny, that they crave pain.


I love meeting masochist fetishists,

collaborating to push their bodily limits

as they surf the waves of endorphins.


I love discipline role-plays with a passion!


I feel conquering pain makes me stronger;

I personally book pro-Dommes

so I may receive pain in a safe way.


Oh, the exquisite ecstasy that is agony...

Over-the-knee spankings are a favorite!

I also love to use the cane and

my leather-bottom breaker rubber strap.


For those who cannot be marked,

candle wax is my favorite way to deliver

high levels of pain with no trace.


With +7 years of pro-Domme experience,

I have collected a range of equipment

and practiced a wide variety of skills

in some amazing places.


My birthday present to myself in 2021

was a shibari journey where pain was in play.

I wrote about the experience here.

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