My passion for role-playing

emerged many years ago and was a reason

I trained professionally as an actor.


I get on famously with kinky scriptwriters

and naughty improv actors!


I love the feeling of being immersed in a daydream, breathing life into fantasies, and stepping outside of ourselves.

*Not a recent photo.
*Not a recent photo.

You do not need to be a great actor to role-play with me, I am happy to play with anyone who wants to have a good time.

NYC Dominatrix and FemDom Mistress Lady Victoria stands in a doorway holding a cane. She is wearing a white button-down, black skirt, and black corset framed by the light coming from the doorway.

I adore

Discipline Role Plays!


Shall we go back to the school days?

Are you a naughty young one at heart who

needs to be taught a lesson you won't forget?


 Some of my favorite authors are British and that may be a reason I love taking on the role of an English Headmistress or Governess, putting my own spin on 'six of the best'.



Other disciplinarian roles include:


  • Wife or girlfriend.
  • Disciplinarian/therapist that your wife or gf sent you to.
  • Babysitter, step-mother, or authoritarian family member.
  • Boss in an alternate universe.



Costumed Characters


I love dressing up to get into a role!


  • Catwoman is second nature for me.  I have always been feline-inclined =^.^= I  have been in the head of Selina Kyle so many times she feels like me; I was craving a challenge so:


  • Poison Ivy has become my favorite of the DC Universe.  After 10 ayahuasca ceremonies, I feel a special affinity for her cause and can go all day improv-ing dialogue.
    • Part of my process as an Adler trained actor is to study everything I can about a character.  I have read every comic book and seen every movie with Pamela, and most of Selina's.
    • Dr. Isley's neurotoxins play beautifully with hypnosis.


Other costumes on hand include:


  • Wonder Woman
  • Doctor and nurse
  • Catholic schoolgirl
  • Cheerleader uniform
  • 1950s pinup-style dresses
  • Renaissance Faire fairy princess
  • Corporate boss/secretary/therapist



This is absolutely not an offer of sex.


  • You cannot script contact with any area of my body that would be covered if I was wearing a bikini and a face mask.


  • Attempting to kiss me or otherwise touch me in a non-consensual manner ends our scene. I reserve the right to leave immediately with 100% of the tribute if this happens.


  • I will not play a Catholic nun. I am comfortable with dark roles, but that's too far for me-I will not do that homework.


  • I do not play with rape themes. Non-consenting parties, animals, and/or children (even imaginary) are a hard limit.


  • While other taboo play requests will not be kink-shamed, I will only play with those who can candidly discuss their inclinations and differentiate them from reality.

Note that unless you are booking

a $5k fantasy play day experience,

handing your script over to me is like

selling a book to make a movie;


  • I will take creative liberties, make it my own, and adapt the fantasy to be played in reality within the time we have.


  • We will not be 'on-book' with memorized dialogue. We will play an improv scene where I will memorize a few choice phrases and make sure we hit the key elements.


  • Memorized dialogue and scripted scenes take an enormous amount of effort to prepare. It's so much more fun to live in the now and see what magical moments are born of improv.
*Not a recent photo
*Not a recent photo
Dominatrix NYC - NYC Dominatrix - Dominant Mistress NYC - NYC Dominant Mistress - Dest Dominatrix NYC - NYC Best Dominatrix -

Role-play is my forte.



Shall we play? 😉

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