I do not offer remote sessions.


What I do offer are opportunities for nervous newbies to become more comfortable before we meet, for loyal patrons to strengthen our connection and deepen our bond between meetings, and for planning enthusiasts to discuss details to their heart's content in a way that respects my time.


Preferred payment method: Bitcoin



Click here to open in wallet



Do *not* write me a message on the app 


An option to pay for coaching or consulting services, or, send a gift.


Please limit comments to 'consultation,' 'coaching,' 'gift,' or phone or gift box emojis.



*Copy this email address to send the card to:


Do not write anything in the comment box



The above link is to the gift card I desire most at this time.  Other options include:

Physical cards: Scratch off the silver foil on the back and copy the code into the comment field of the scheduling app.


eGifts: Do not write a comment on the eGift. Send to the above email.

The scheduling app has a comment field you may use.

The value of a Wishlist gift up to $300 may be applied towards communications.


Zelle/Quickpay, PayPal, or Venmo info available upon request for established patrons.



I look forward to enhancing our connection with exciting conversation!

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