If you have an in-person booking on the calendar, disregard the $.



I do not offer remote sessions.


What I do offer is a chance to connect, before we meet and in between meetings.

Preferred Transfer Method:




Second choice:

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Other gift card options, including those available for purchase anonymously with cash at drugstores:


Physical cards: Scratch off the silver foil on the back and copy the code into the comment field of the scheduling app.


eGifts: Do not write a comment on the eGift. Send to the above email.

The scheduling app has a comment field you may use.


Do *not* write me a message on the app 


An option to pay for coaching or consulting services, or, send a gift.


Please limit comments to phone or gift box emojis or 'phone call' / 'coaching' / 'gift'.



The value of a Wishlist gift up to $250 may be applied to communications.


Established patrons may use Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo upon request.



I look forward to enhancing our connection.