Sponsor a Treat for Karlie and I in Hawaii

This was back in 2019.

It was such a success I will be doing more in the future. Leaving this up so you may peek.

Generous patrons fully-funded all of the below, and a luau.

This January I will be going to Hawaii with My girlfriend, Karlie.


This trip was not intentionally planned.

After My travels to the island last year, the Westin Maui reached out with a super-sweet deal

to get Me to come back (there's a timeshare presentation involved... 0.o)

The offer is 'use it or lose it.'


My business travels provided enough points for our airfares,

and the Westin is including a rental car, so all we have to cover

are our meals and entertainment.


When My appendix punctured and I was out of work for months this past summer,

My numbers for the year were affected.


My accountant and financial advisor would give themselves

concussions via face-palm if I were to go spending wildly on fabulous fun in Hawaii,


I am offering sponsorship opportunities to My wonderful pets and playthings =^.^=

Scuba Diving

Molokini Crater is said to be amazing and I am excited to check it out!  Karlie is not PADI certified, but I found a company that works with that-she can snorkle the crater and learn to scuba if she wants to at the second dive spot near shore.  I will definitely be doing this regardless, she hasn't been so doesn't know how amazing it is, it would be really nice to go together 🙂

$298 for both of us, including gear rental.

In line with 'How I value My time', sponsorship can result in a variety of experiences for the benefactor; the default is a 'Thank you' email plus photos from our trip 🙂

Surfing Lessons

In the past, I would have said 'no way' to learning how to surf; the ocean is too unpredictable.

Then, I saw a group learning to surf off a Lahaina beach.  With the way the dock is positioned, the waves roll in in an orderly fashion and I could see shaky beginners standing up then cheering at the end of their rides-it looks like a lot of fun! 🙂

Maui Surf Clinic: Lessons for two  + photos = $331.24

Bubbles and Chocolate Sunset Ride

Both equestrians in our youth, Karlie and I would love to experience Maui on horseback!

This ranch is near our resort, they will serve us champagne and chocolate as we watch the sunset 🙂

At $393.76 for two, this is a luxury that would only be practical with sponsorship.

The 'Thank You' will include exclusive photos from this excursion.

Bubbles and Chocolate Ride

Mermaid Swimming Lessons

At the top of the list of

'Things I cannot rationalize to My accountant,'

we have these 🙂


Karlie would absolutely love to try this!

She was very excited to see it offered.


They will take photos of us underwater, so the sponsor will receive those as part of the 'Thank you' 🙂



Funds transfer options for My pets and playthings include PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, and Zelle.



Bitcoin  - 1K8UG54si5FF36idW5skdDoFQ8i4Y1obbk


Cash or money orders may be sent via USPS, UPS, or FedEx to:

Pellexi Designs

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