Inspiration and Suggestions for Testimonials

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A sample from the Secret Gallery

Testimonials are anonymously posted here.  


Free-form writing is welcome.  


For those who appreciate guidance, I suggest:


Paragraph 1:

What motivated you to look for a Domina?

What situation or problem did you face?


Paragraph 2:

What encouraged you to choose me?

How did I solve the problem?


Paragraph 3:

Have I made your life better?

How would you recommend me?

Or, if you could send a note to the past, what would you tell yourself about me?

I will never publish your email or any identifying information.


Points I would love to see noted:


  • Do you value intelligence in a Dominatrix?


  • Do you think it wise to invest in quality and see the Domina one most admires?


  • When we are together, do you relax, completely immersed in our secret world, and feel the way you want to feel?


For high-achievers, interest-specific suggestions are below. Perhaps find 3 you could answer better than anyone else.


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People are more inclined to take advice from someone they admire.


If you can discreetly pull rank, please feel welcome to do so 🙂

Thank you very much!