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Dominance Training Intensives

La Domaine Esemar : Mistress Training Intensive 2015
La Domaine Esemar : Mistress Training Intensive 2015
Midori : Forte Femme NYC 2016
Midori : Forte Femme NYC 2016
Mistress Simone Justice : DommeCraft NYC 2017
Mistress Simone Justice : DommeCraft NYC 2017


An entrancing kinky massage to music which will send you into a stress-free sub-space while stimulating your endorphins.

From curious newbies seeking a soft introduction, to seasoned players needing a respite, all will find that delightful surprises abound.



"This is a Superpower and I must have it!"

My reaction to being hypnotized the first time.


That experience at the FFF in 2016 was with the modern-day-legend of Erotic Hypnosis, Wiseguy.

Since then I have had the honor of being mentored by him, and have completed the formal certification course;  I have the right to call myself a Professional Hypnotist. (Large fancy document in storage, will post upon excavation) 

Badges from the New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference-wonderful weekends of kinky mind-play classes where I learned even more mischevious ways to use My skills.

Hypnosis Badges - NEEHU

National Conventions

DomCon Group Photo 2
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Other - Burning Man

Being Lead Dominatrix at Spanky's Wine Bar has certainly rounded out My education in many ways =^.^=

The seminar I attended on "Entrepreneurs, Ayahuasca, and Innovation" in 2017 led to a trip to the jungle early 2018.  Grandmother is very happy with me taking the Dominatrix path, My long-term approaches have been shaped by Her.

Camping with 100's of kinksters at Spanky's has shown me facets of real-life kink at play I don't think I could have fully comprehended without My experiences in the relative intimacy of the desert.

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