My Wishlist


I very much appreciate

the thoughtful, considerate individuals

who distinguish themselves from the rest

by going above and beyond

for me.



Gift cards I would most enjoy at this time: 

Version 2

Note: I am currently recovering from COVID


Emails and texts are on hold until writing no longer causes a headache.


I am open to casual phone calls and video chats.


Thank you

This June we will be making kinky art!


If you would enjoy behind-the-scenes photos

contributions of $100 - $250 are welcome.



If you would like to collaborate with us

and suggest wardrobe or posing ideas,

contributions of $500 - $1,000 are welcome.

I had one of these and loved it!

It fell down an elevator shaft and was destroyed.

I would love to receive a new one as a gift 🙂

Celtic knotwork looks beautiful to me.

I would love to own this treasure.

Yes, the formatting glitched below.


No, I do not have the energy to fix it - view on mobile to see properly.

If you would enjoy top-quality artistic images of me in O/our favorite fetish attire, sponsor a photo shoot.


Small - $1,600 - 2 setups / 10 pictures

Medium - $2,200 - 3 setups / 15 pictures

Large - $2,800 - 4 setups / 20 photos


Sponsor ideas welcome for 1/2 the setups.

The last stable closed down in 2007,

one year before I moved to NYC / Turtle Bay,

so I am very excited to see this come back!


Sponsor this before I treat myself

and you will receive photos and gratitude 🙂

Sponsorship Opportunities


What I truly wish for

is that most precious commodity:


I want time to focus on my studies.


Sponsoring my wellness and craft

saves me the time spent earning that money

so I have free time to pursue my dreams,

which is perhaps the most impactful

service you could provide for me

at this time.

Car Sponsorship



Sponsor my safety

by taking care of my car.



New tires: $500


Insurance: ~$150 a month


The freedom to focus on my studies is only possible when I do not have to spend my time on mundane money-making to cover these needs.

Every sponsor dollar buys me freedom.

Health and Wellness


For yoga, my name is 'Victoria Hanover'



Like my friends and family,

my yoga teacher respects my

wish to be called 'Victoria.'

Luxury Goods, Leather, Latex, and Stuff


Honestly, I do not need any more 'stuff'.

After six years as a Domina, I am running out of space to store stuff and am developing a taste for minimalism.


~ Gold, stocks, and crypto preferred ~


That being said, yes; I do appreciate fine design and would enjoy receiving:


If you are looking for chat, the trade value of a gift is capped at $250.


Gifts may be shipped to :

P. Designs

48 South Broadway #447

Nyack, NY 10960


If sending cash/check/money order overnight via USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex, or DHL, please send me the ETA via email so I know to go pick it up - 'signature required' must arrive during post office hours.


PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle are available for established patrons.


Bitcoin: 1CzQCfZRPmo6GxzALYE5puqsFhSD6SZaY3

Lady Victoria NYC's Leather Corset Virtual Shoot with UK Boudoir Photographer Tigz Rice Ltd © 2021.

Gift cards are very much appreciated and may be sent to:

~ Discreetly available in drug stores ~

Purchase with cash and email the code.

~ Online Only~

~ Wonderfully generous persons have gifted

to the point I could not use more of the below~

I am all set for spa days.  Thank you so very much!

If you are hoping for chat via text, telephone, email, or video;

please go the efficient route and schedule here - I very much prefer phone calls to email/text/video.

Unwanted Video Removal


If you search 'Lady Victoria NYC ballbusting' you will find two videos I did not consent to have published.

The man in it lied to get me to shoot with him, saying nothing would be published unless I gave the 'ok'; he has refused to take them down.


According to an attorney who specializes in this area, the only way to remove them from the web would be to get that guy to sign the copyrights over to me or to someone who will file the DMCA takedown paperwork every time they appear online.


I refuse to negotiate with someone who has already lied to me and I will be dammed if I pay him for the copyrights.


I would be enormously grateful to have these consent violations removed from the internet.

This was such a wonderful success!

Sponsor perks included exclusive photos from my trip to Hawaii with a girlfriend.

Leaving it up so you may peek:

Sponsor a Hawaiian Treat