Some of the most ancient records on the planet document a practice amongst humans that will likely continue until mankind ceases to be;


Presenting gifts, or 'bearing tribute', when you go to present yourself has been known since the dawn of civilization to enhance your chances of a favorable outcome.


Item Most Coveted :

A multi-color souvenier pen from Paris.


Mine has sadly run out of ink.


I adore these for note-taking in classes and workshops, switching colors to group ideas instead of using space keeps things concise.


Pens from Berlin or London would be My second choice, although you will get points for finding one from anywhere as it is the thought that counts =^.^=

My Primary Wishlist is on Amazon

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Amazon Wish List


Here I will also add many non-Amazon items, just to keep everything in one place, which may be shipped to the address below.


Amazon gift cards may be purchased anonymously at drug stores.

By emailing Me the code under the scratch-off on the back I would be able to buy the gift you wish to present with no electronic record.


Favorite Gift Cards - Yoga Clothes, Spa Days, and Lingerie

My Favorite Lingerie

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Gifts may be sent to :

P. Designs LLC

P.O. Box 447

Nyack, NY 10960