My Wishlist


I very much appreciate

the thoughtful, considerate individuals

who distinguish themselves from the rest

by going above and beyond

for me.



Bitcoin (preferred)



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Gift card I would most enjoy at this time: 

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Gifts may be shipped to :

P. Designs

228 East Route 59

Nanuet, NY 10954


PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle are available for established patrons.

No kink-related comments on CashApp.

I offer coaching and consulting services

and use it to receive gifts.


Comments are welcome to follow via email.

NYC Dominatrix and FemDom Mistress Lady Victoria stands in white lingerie holding the chastity key on a chain around her neck.


Do not address me as 'Mistress,' refer to kink themes, meetings, phone calls, or chats.

eGifts are to be sent to the Gmail address below, NOT the Lady Victoria addresses.

Thank you for not getting me banned from my favorite companies 🙂

Comments are welcome to follow via email.

Celtic knotwork looks beautiful to me.

I would love to own this treasure.

I use Glo for yoga, meditation, pilates, and workouts ~5 days a week all year long.


I would think of you often and fondly for covering this cost for me 🙂

Sponsorship Opportunities


What I truly wish for

is that most precious commodity:


I want time to pursue my dream.


Sponsoring my necessities, wellness, and craft

saves me the time spent earning that money

so I have free time to focus upon my goals,


which is perhaps the most impactful

service you could provide for me

at this time.

Auto Sponsorship


Sponsor my safety and independence

by taking care of the costs of my car.


Gas: $100 per month

Insurance: $200 per month

New tires: $500


Home Sponsorship / Adopt a Bill


Covering these will gift me the

freedom to pursue my dream.


Rent: $1,500 per month

Groceries: $600 per month

Utilities: $200 per month




Sponsor my Hair, Nails, and Massages


Winter and summer salon trips: $200 each

Spring and fall salon trips: $350 each

$100 quarterly for products


Manicure & pedicure : $100



Contribution methods are noted here




Leather, Latex, and 'Stuff'


Honestly, I do not need any more 'stuff.'

After +7 years as a Domina, I am running out of storage space & embracing minimalism.



* Investments Preferred *

Stocks today will cover costs when I am 80 🙂

Gold and silver bars are most welcome!

Max out my SEP IRA to be a favorite 😉


Be a Downpayment Angel; a gift of $100k is ~20% down on a modest duplex near me. I would rent out both units, and the tenants would have it paid off around the time I want to retire.  IMO, genuinely caring for someone means wanting them to have food, shelter, and safety for the rest of their lives - this would do that beautifully 🙂



That being said, yes; I do appreciate luxury and would enjoy receiving:


A photo setup is a $500 value.

A gift's trade value is capped at $300 for chats.

Only listed items have chat trade value.

I do not take loans from patrons.


Unwanted Video Removal


If you search 'Lady Victoria NYC ballbusting' you will find two videos I did not consent to have published.

The man in it lied to get me to shoot with him, saying nothing would be published unless I gave the 'ok'; he has refused to take them down.


According to an attorney who specializes in this area, the only way to remove them from the web would be to get that guy to sign the copyrights over to me or to someone who will file the DMCA takedown paperwork every time they appear online.


I refuse to negotiate with someone who has already lied to me and I will be dammed if I pay him for the copyrights.


I would be enormously grateful to have these consent violations removed from the internet.

This was such a wonderful success!

Sponsor perks included exclusive photos from my trip to Hawaii with a girlfriend.

Leaving it up so you may peek:

Sponsor a Hawaiian Treat

Adding this here as I have read that those so inclined are drawn to the wishlist page:

A new interest I would love to explore:

Financial Domination


It seems like during the lockdowns, many discovered that they could serve a Domina's real-life needs remotely and that playing with what is arguably the most powerful - and taboo - tool in the world can create deeply fulfilling power play dynamics.


Aspects I am drawn to:


  • FinDom subs seem to genuinely care about who their Mistress is as a person and want to see her fulfill her dreams, giving their service a depth and authenticity that I admire.


  • Praise Kink FinDom: Living in a state of gratitude and expressing exuberant appreciation for those who serve me and my goals is my preferred state and situation.


  • Forced Financial Planning: Being the commanding yet benevolent financial planner who sets goals for your needs and holds you to a budget for your own good-and mine 😉


  • Real Life Servitude & Sacrifice: Receiving the adoration & dutiful service of someone who toils in real-life ways to provide for my real-life needs & serve my highest goals.


Book a chat today to share your thoughts on FinDom with me, or send a gift to begin contributing to my journey.