I dream of becoming a world-class coach;

empowering change-makers who work to uplift

our global family & sustain our home planet.


Healing the rift between women & men

is a cause to which I feel powerfully drawn.

I believe happier, healthier men may be cultivated

and improve the world in many ways.


I seek sponsors as I have found I do not have

enough time and energy to support myself as

a Domina in NY and train in a new profession.


This may sound odd to some of my FemDom contemporaries, but I feel called to work on men's development and empowerment.


As anyone who has been on a dating site can tell you: we are not communicating well, something is seriously wrong, & no one is happy about it.


We are finding that in business

I believe that carries over to many areas in life.

As I desire to guide those under me in the

most responsible and ethical manner possible,

I completed a year-long course with

the industry-leading school for coaches.


My long-term training programs are founded

upon evidence-based practices for health &

happiness, plus my desires as a FemDom Lady.


I believe that while money cannot buy class,

a lady can guide a man to become a gentleman.

Etiquette and stylish dressing are covered.


What does ethical and responsible long-term FemDom look like?


While I may enjoy Financial Domination,

when one of Mine admitted to being miserable

in his high-paying, high-stress position,


I coached him to pursue his path to happiness,

even though it meant he would have less money

and time to spend with me for a period of time.


As his life's purpose has been aligned with

my highest goals, he serves me in all he does,

and I treasure the time we do have together.


A call for Patrons


This is an opportunity to

invest in someone passionate

about creating positive change in the world.


While I love my work as Lady Victoria, embracing those who have felt shamed and othered, I have sadly found I cannot afford to block off enough time to surmount the learning curve of coaching. I would love to have a patron sponsor my dream so I may block off enough time to do the work.


Note: I will not take a loan from a patron. To contribute to my success: book me, sponsor an expense, or give a gift.  It will be ~5-10 years before coaching is profitable & the idea of being obligated to someone for that long is VERY uncomfortable.


Booking in-person experiences and Travel Adventures can be a fabulous way to invest in your health and happiness while contributing to my success 🙂

"To create success and happiness for myself and others" - My life's purpose, which came to me after an ayahuasca ceremony.

I have aspirations as a writer and a coach.  I don't know what I will write about, I don't know exactly who I will coach, I just know I am being called.

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