En Femme - 'As a Woman'

In addition to offering

the traditional Arts of the Dominatrix,

I adore egalitarian en femme experiences.

 Just aching to be seen as 'she'?

I would love to meet ♥

Arts of the Dominatrix


  • Love dollification ♥
    • Which is amazing with hypnosis...


  • Escort / party favor training is a favorite.
    • 😉


  • Sissies have a special place in my heart 🙂
    • XOXO

My introduction

to the the world of kink

was by a lover who wanted to be

dressed and pegged,

to this day that may be my

most favorite way to play.

Peruse my wardrobe of

clothing and accessories here.


The collection has

grown significantly since I photographed,

especially the shoe section.


For bookings made in advance,

I can make sure to have your size and style

with me when we meet to play.

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