En Femme - 'As a Woman'

Ah, how sweet it is to be 'she'...


Feminine and flirtatious;

elegant and graceful, or, wanton and provocative;

delightful and desirable.


I believe that I am meant to spend this portion of my life being a friendly guide for newbies into the wonderful world of freedom and joy that is kink.


Working with newbie crossdressers makes My heart sing!

Seeing someone who has never revealed their femme-self to anyone

open up to me, smile, and shine brightly -

it is an exquisite pleasure I treasure.


Experienced crossdressers tend to appreciate my wit, charm, passion, enthusiasm, and, My kinky side 😉


Under Construction

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NYC Dominatrix Lady Victoria's crossdressing wardrobe and accessories. FemDom mistress for sissy training and crossdressing.

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