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The NYC Dominatrix for the discerning deviant. A FemDom Mistress offering BDSM & cross-dressing experiences; for newbies to advanced players. Lady Victoria, NYC Dominatrix, is pictured on a staircase wearing a white button-down shirt, black mini-skirt, black corset, and patent black leather Louboutin stiletto high heels with sheer black stockings. Kneeling before her, as one does before a FemDom Mistress, is a female wearing only a collar, black lace panties, thigh high stockings that are nude with a black top-band and backseat. The woman kneeling appears to be kissing Lady Victoria’s knee, her face is hidden behind her shoulder, while NYC Dominatrix Lady Victoria looks straight at you. The BDSM Mistress has a leash on the woman and a bright red ostrich feather teaser across the woman’s back, adding a pop of color to an image that is otherwise neutrals with black and white. The image is by Will Santillo, a renowned erotic photographer.

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The Traditional Arts of the Dominatrix

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A new interest I would love to explore:

Financial Domination


It seems like during the lockdowns, many discovered that they could serve a Domina's real-life needs remotely and that playing with what is arguably the most powerful - and taboo - tool in the world can create deeply fulfilling power play dynamics.


Aspects I am drawn to:


  • FinDom subs seem to genuinely care about who their Mistress is as a person and want to see her fulfill her dreams, giving their service a depth and authenticity that I admire.


  • Praise Kink FinDom: Living in a state of gratitude and expressing exuberant appreciation for those who serve me and my goals is my preferred state and situation.


  • Forced Financial Planning: Being the commanding yet benevolent financial planner who sets goals for your needs and holds you to a budget for your own good-and mine 😉


  • Real Life Servitude & Sacrifice: Receiving the adoration & dutiful service of someone who toils in real-life ways to provide for my real-life needs & serve my highest goals.


Book a chat today to share your thoughts on FinDom with me, or send a gift to begin contributing to my journey.

BDSM Mistress Lady Victoria, a NYC Dominatrix.

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Under construction - Dominant Training with BDSM Mistress Lady Victoria, a NYC Dominatrix.
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Under Construction - Ladies & Couples sessions with BDSM Mistress Lady Victoria, a NYC Dominatrix.
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