Intro to Kink Play

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kink!

We have the fun toys...

Taking the first steps down this path generally requires a significant amount of courage.

Congratulations on making it here!


BDSM can seem like an intimidating topic.


As humans, we have been biologically programmed to view the unknown with a combination of fear and hostility; 'I don't know what that is, but I don't like it!'


Once you overcome this block and begin exploring, you are likely to find as I did - this is a wonderful, welcoming world populated with some of the kindest and happiest people you will ever meet 🙂

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Working with newbies, ladies, and couples has been an immensely rewarding part of My work for going on five years now.



Some come to Me having known for most of their lives that they are excited by unconventional thoughts.

Some have just discovered this world and find themselves inexplicably drawn to it.

All are nervous when contacting Me for the first time 🙂



Over the years I have developed a process to make this a comfortable, fun, and exciting adventure to embark upon.

This site is a work-in-progress.

This topic is an especially complicated one.

Eventually, I will have pages dedicated to providing information on various topics :

  • Introduction to Kink for Couples
  • Embracing your FemmeSelf
  • A guide for exploring the desire to be submissive
  • Kinky play for those who are not submissive
    • Bondage, Masochism, Latex, and more


If you would like to 'vote' on which page I create next, name it in the 'name' field of the newsletter signup below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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