As a NYC Dominatrix,

I see most of my out-of-towners

within their hotel rooms.



is my preferred public BDSM dungeon.


Private dungeon options include

Mistress Natalie's near Bryant Park

and Chez La of TriBeCa.



Those who cannot host nor travel to a

dungeon can appreciate the convenience

of meeting at a hotel near them.



For daytime escapes:

With portable dungeon furniture, 

lighting equipment & other decor elements

I create a dazzling adult playground.

As I drive,

Albany and Philadelphia

are within range for Blue level experiences.


The Hamptons in season, Boston, and DC

are within range for the Purple level;

(see Contact page for color info).


For beyond,  fly-Me-to-you 



you can fly to me

while avoiding NYC

by flying into Westchester (HPN)


Anonymous persons will only be met at a staffed public dungeon or a 5-star hotel they book in their name.


Dungeon rentals are generally ~$100 per hour with an additional fee if there is a third person in the room.


If I pay for the space, that is factored in to the amount of time we have (a $250 rental = -30mins of playtime).

I have a passion

for crafting enchanting,

intimate and immersive experiences;

sets and settings to make a great escape

from the mundane, default world

into a kinky paradise

all our own.