As a NYC Dominatrix,

I see most of my out-of-towners

within their hotel rooms.



is my preferred public BDSM dungeon.


Private dungeon options include

Mistress Natalie's near Bryant Park

and Chez La of TriBeCa.


The NYC Dominatrix for the discerning deviant. A FemDom Mistress offering BDSM & cross-dressing experiences; for newbies to advanced players. Lady Victoria, NYC Dominatrix, is pictured on a staircase wearing a white button-down shirt, black mini-skirt, black corset, and patent black leather Louboutin stiletto high heels with sheer black stockings. Kneeling before her, as one does before a FemDom Mistress, is a female wearing only a collar, black lace panties, thigh high stockings that are nude with a black top-band and backseat. The woman kneeling appears to be kissing Lady Victoria’s knee, her face is hidden behind her shoulder, while NYC Dominatrix Lady Victoria looks straight at you. The BDSM Mistress has a leash on the woman and a bright red ostrich feather teaser across the woman’s back, adding a pop of color to an image that is otherwise neutrals with black and white. The image is by Will Santillo, a renowned erotic photographer.

I can meet you in your area, at a day-use hotel, or, with proper screening, at your home.

Driving Distance for Green:

Up to one hour included.


Note this map does not account for traffic.


To calculate a meet in Brooklyn, Long Island, or on the outskirts of the map, use 10954 as my starting point and a maps app that lets you adjust the time.

Driving Distance - 1hr - Green

Driving Distance for Blue

Up to 2.5 hours one way.


My drive time is $120 per hour. Meeting on the outskirts of this map is $600, so you would have $1,900 for time with me.


For +90min drives, a hotel is not included in the $2,500. Me coming in the night before may be best for certain experience types.

Driving Range - 2.5hrs

Driving Distance for Purple:

Up to five hours one way.


So I am fresh and energetic for our playtime, I drive in the day before.

My travel time and two nights at a 4-star hotel come out of the tribute.

 If you prefer a 5-star playspace, simply pay the difference and I will book that.

Driving Range - 5hrs - Purple


you can fly to me

while avoiding NYC


by flying into Westchester (HPN) - a small, county airport.



Newark (EWR) & LaGuardia (LGA) are in the Green range.

JFK can be Green or Blue, depending upon the time.


Check out the dayuse links below for nearby hotels.

BDSM Mistress Lady Victoria, a NYC Dominatrix.

Those who cannot host nor travel to a

dungeon can appreciate the convenience

of meeting at a hotel near them.



For daytime escapes:

With portable dungeon furniture, 

lighting equipment & other decor elements

I create a dazzling adult playground.

Anonymous persons will only be met at a staffed public dungeon or a 5-star hotel they book in their name.


Dungeon rentals are generally ~$100 per hour with an additional fee if there is a third person in the room.


If I pay for the space, that is factored in to the amount of time we have (a $250 rental = -30mins of playtime).

NYC Dominatrix Lady Victoria is wearing a white button-down shirt with a tight black corset.
Dominatrix NYC - NYC Dominatrix - Dominant Mistress NYC - NYC Dominant Mistress - Dest Dominatrix NYC - NYC Best Dominatrix -

I have a passion

for crafting enchanting,

intimate and immersive experiences;

sets and settings to make a great escape

from the mundane, default world

into a kinky paradise

all our own.